Create your own player into career mode

2021.12.02 10:37 abu_hj Create your own player into career mode

Hey friends, I recently found this reddit and wanted share a suggestion that still keeps career mode fun for me. I have been playing Fifa career mode since Fifa 13.
So what I do every time I start a career, I create a player from customise menu. I make the player 63-68 rated and put him into the team that I wanna start the career mode with - usually English division 2 or 3. With the latest addition of creating your club, I just put him in a random team and then buy him when I start the career. These created players somehow always have high potential and they grow very well.
It is like player career but I find that boring. I usually create the manager to be our coach from my football team back in school. So now it's like I have my own story going on in the team but I can also enjoy manager career by signing whatever players I want and build a fun team - it's just that my player is part of this team.
I have been doing this for a long time so every time I make up a story. When I first started it was that "I have been scouted by York City while I was playing for our school football team (I used to study in York) and from there on I help York City move up from division 4 and become European Champions". 7 years later my story is "I quit my job, go to football tryouts and get an opportunity from an underdog team in England. I work my way and grow with the team to become a football star and see my massive poster held by our loyal fans" feels..
I remember there was a time when I did this I couldn't set player's birth year to 1999 as this was too young. Now I'm 22 which is an age where fifa doesn't even show "HPTBS" note anymore.. But hey the player still grows very well. I guess I'll stop doing this when I am too old to have a potential.
Side note: When you create a player you can't set "composure" and "defensive awareness" stats so they are set to 50 and 30 by default. But you can fix them up by training players after you start the career mode. I think it has been 4-5 years since EA introduced composure stat and they still haven't realised that you can't edit this from "customise" menu. Says a lot about their overall commitment to making the game better.. Other than FUT of course.
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2021.12.02 10:37 Impressive_Medium_10 I’m making 3d printer enclosure. And i need your advice. It must be easy to open, sealed. My plan was close to use acryl, magnet and rubber hose(for door thing). Any one have good idea please help me :D

I’m making 3d printer enclosure. And i need your advice. It must be easy to open, sealed. My plan was close to use acryl, magnet and rubber hose(for door thing). Any one have good idea please help me :D submitted by Impressive_Medium_10 to 3dprint [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 10:37 IlDiaulo27 @forsen

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2021.12.02 10:37 Longjumping-Ratio535 How do I be conversant again in a language I forgot?

I'm a Filipino, and back in highschool I used to be conversant in Spanish.
We used to study Spanish very heavily in highschool (age 11-15) and most of us were conversant. I've lived with the fact that I might not ever be as good as I was with it back then but now I want to be as good. The thing is, I can't practice with anyone like I used to since no one around me can speak Spanish. I can still read and write Spanish texts well and can still distinguish delicate translation errors in subtitles when I watch Spanish series or movies but can I still do it? Is it still possible for me?
If I'd be asked to rate my level of speaking Spanish in highschool it would be 8/10. Now its probably around 3/10 on a good day.
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2021.12.02 10:37 ColdSplit1366 Love this art! (Credit to @shmeckart on insta)

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2021.12.02 10:37 sccerwz Why is this so difficult to buy?

Wen we have reduced barriers to entry?
I’m intrigued in the project.
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2021.12.02 10:37 sn0r Russia, Wagner Group, and Mali: How European fears weaken European policy

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2021.12.02 10:37 SithLord_Duv While people shout out to squeeze their plays while they havent noticed how the memes been in the last months and were all broke and cant squeeze shit but holding whats left.

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2021.12.02 10:37 BlueBeta123456 What is a song everyone loves but no one knows the name of?

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2021.12.02 10:37 82friendly Podcast Review - Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021) Spoilers Ahead

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2021.12.02 10:37 DimittrikovBot Hydrocheck post

Have you been drinking water? If yes, good job! If not, then this is a reminder to stay hydrated and drink a glass of water! Stay safe and ily <3
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2021.12.02 10:37 nathan_smart How I left my job at Abercrombie and got stock options

I got hired at Abercrombie and Fitch to fold clothes and put them back on the shelf (2nd shift). When I originally interviewed they told me that since their location was near the headquarters that sometimes they stay really late (like past 3 or 4 AM at a location that closes at 8 PM) to get the store set up for when the top brass swings by. Since I already had a day job and just needed extra money I said that was okay as long as it wasn't all the time. They said, "Nah, just occasionally."
My first day rolls around, I go in, they show me how to clock in (which needed some extra computer logging in access I didn't have) and I start. The job sucks. It's in a mall and people just pick up clothes and jam them in every hole they can find when they don't want them. A&F has a VERY specific way of folding clothes that only gets more specific if you work near the headquarters. I don't think I ever nailed down the process.
8 PM rolls around and we start going into overdrive. We are folding clothes like it's going out of style (which, thankfully, A&F kind of did). Around midnight we aren't even halfway done and I leaned over to a co-worker to ask how often they stay this late. They told me it's every single night.
So now I'm really pissed and also kind of scared about what to do. Do I go in and tell them I can't do this and leave? Or do I just wait it out a bit and see if it's true that we stay every night? Well, my anxiety got the best of me and I just said, fuck it, I'm leaving and not telling anyone.
My plan is to log out at a computer close to the door when no one is looking and then run away. I get to the computer and I just can't log in to clock out. I'm hitting buttons and nothing is happening. So, I panicked and just snuck under the gate (remember, it's a mall) and I start making a beeline to the mall exit. I don't want anyone to see me through the gate so I'm hugging the other storefronts like Ace Ventura at the charity event. I get to the escalator and go down and that's when I realized that the exit was back the same way towards the store and you can see right from the A&F entrance to where I was walking. So, I'm, like, Ace Ventura-ing myself back again and I finally make it to the parking garage and leave.
A couple of months later, an employee from the store calls me to ask if I can cover for him on Friday. I told him I didn't work there anymore. A couple of months after that, a manager from the store calls me and asks why I didn't show up for work the night before. Again, I tell them I don't work there anymore. A couple of months later I get a packet in the mail saying I'm eligible for health benefits now. A year later I get a packet saying I'm eligible for stock options. To this day, I still don't know if I am still an employee of A&F or not.
The moral of the story is, just fucking tell someone you are quitting when you leave a job.
(god, writing this story out is reminding me of so many times I have just fucking left a horrible job - this is the perfect place to get all these all)
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2021.12.02 10:37 More-Enthusiasm-4272 Rachel Cook so beautiful <3

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2021.12.02 10:37 itbettersnow Is it possible to tell apart British Indians, British Pakistanis, and British Bangladeshis by their appearance or accent? If so, how?

I’m talking more if they’re not wearing any religious clothing
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2021.12.02 10:37 Jnh_Gaming we became JEDI MASTERS in STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2

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2021.12.02 10:37 dhaynamico Does anybody know this certain KPop MV of a female solo artist where she dances with mimes?

Other than that, the only thing I know is that I really loved the music video when I watched it 3-5 years ago? But for the love of life I can't remember it.
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