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What do those attracted to men like about any bodily feature?

Human sexual activity, human sexual practice or human sexual behaviour is the manner in which humans experience and express their sexuality.People engage in a variety of sexual acts, ranging from activities done alone (e.g., masturbation) to acts with another person (e.g., sexual intercourse, non-penetrative sex, oral sex, etc.) in varying patterns of frequency, for a wide variety of reasons. Answer (1 of 10): If you would want to shut down your sexual desire and sex drive permanently, no matter if you are male or female, you would need to stop all production of testosterone. Once the males testosterone levels drop below 300–350, they lose most of their sexual desire and become impot... The thing is my thoughts are telling me I’m a lesbian and I get groinal responses but I generally do not find women attractive, being a lesbian doesn’t appeal to me, I’ve always liked men but right now I can’t feel it. I just want to feel attracted to men again and not feel like there is something stopping me. At least you did the right thing — after 22 years. I have to commend you for that. Having the courage to do the right thing. And you are 100% right, women need to leave men they are not attracted to — period. If you aren’t attracted to him, do leave him. It is the only kind thing. Compatibility is important but so is attraction. Some men love girls with long and luscious hair while some are attracted to girls with a short bob. It is all about personal tastes. There are some who do not give a lot of importance to their girl's hair while some get very angry if their women get a hair job done without their permission. A man feels proud of his girl's hair. Pedophiles are adolescent boys or girls or adult men or women who feel sexually attracted to prepubescent children (i.e. those who have not yet reached puberty). Some pedophiles are attracted only to girls, others only to boys. Some are attracted to both, and some are equally attracted to children and teenagers or adults. The tears did not elicit empathy in a standard lab test, but they did reduce the men’s sexual arousal and testosterone levels. Apparently the tears sent a message that romance was off the table. 1.1 Women tend to be attracted to the Dark Triad—narcissism, manipulativeness, & psychopathy; 1.2 More psychopathic men tend to receive higher attractiveness ratings from women; 1.3 On PornHub, women consume most of the porn where women are violently raped and abused; 1.4 62% of women have fantasies about rape and other forced sex acts; 1.5 50% of female porn viewers admitted to watching ... A word to describe women who are attracted to men and men who are attracted to women. This is not exclusive to those who are cisgender. For example, some transgender men identify as straight because they are attracted to women. They/Them/Their (GE) Pronouns. One of many sets of gender-neutral singular pronouns in English that can be used as an ... Gently caressing my girls soft feels so good. Men who don’t spend time showing their girl that she is special and important to her and communicating and listening to her, including her body are short changing her. I’m sorry for those girls who have been raped and have problems with sex because of the rape.

2021.12.02 10:13 AlastorDoesntFuck_1 What do those attracted to men like about any bodily feature?

(Oof, sorry for the odd wording-)
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2021.12.02 10:13 KaeseKae Midoin - Join the mining craze today at 5x earnings! Invite your friends to earn even more!

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2021.12.02 10:13 UpAlongBelowNow What do I need to look out for with private investors?

My company is growing quickly, beyond what my small town local bank can handle. The issue I'm running into is securing lending outside my state for acquisitions. A broker I like working with put me in contact w/ two men in my industry based in the midwest who are willing to invest but it comes with conditions we wouldn't see from a bank.
1, they have proprietary software we will need to adopt. That's not a problem, they want too much but we're still negotiating and I can get that down.
2, they want complete control of payables until our note is paid off.
3, they want us to use them for bookkeeping. Also not a problem, the rate they charge for books is less than the rate I'd pay staying w/ my current company or insourcing it, but I don't like the idea of not controlling my payables.
4, 60% of cash flow goes to pay off the note until it's completely paid off, the rest goes to me.

  1. They want me to adopt their proprietary software across the rest of my companies. I won't do this and if they hold steady on it, I likely won't accept the deal.
None of that looks too bad (except 5) considering my alternative is simply not buying the company. I won't be able to grow as quickly without them, but I tripled the size of my company in a year without their help.
Their pockets are significantly deeper than mine and would allow me to target groups I wouldn't be able to afford without them for another 2-3 years. They've expressed interest in continuing this arrangement for future acquisitions.
It solves my out-of-state bank problem.
I wouldn't use them on anything I can secure traditional financing on.
The biggest positive is that I don't have to put any cash down, so anything I partner with them on is gravy. The down side is obviously lack of control, and it will be a lot of extra work on my part running these companies.
Thoughts? Red flags? Any personal anecdotes you think are useful?
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2021.12.02 10:13 Error423 Some of the settings under options in Virtual Machine Settings are missing, how can I get them?

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2021.12.02 10:13 EZ_2_Amuse Part A connects to part B and C.... Hold up it started snowing.

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2021.12.02 10:13 punishmentbrigade24 Understanding the Pro-China Propaganda and Disinformation Tool Set in East Turkestan

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2021.12.02 10:13 PrioryoftheRisingSun Work around for the local inventory looting bug

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2021.12.02 10:13 Pinshu123 Reminds me of Mr. Hands.....

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2021.12.02 10:13 mokolad Yeojin x ChapChap Clothing Brand (+1 video/photos in comments)

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2021.12.02 10:13 SleepyJuiceee My Work Environment

Hey im a 22M and I have gotten a job that i really enjoy and super optimistic about but im struggling with a pretty depressing work environment such as many of the people i work alongside are older in their 30s or up. And they are mostly overweight and always saying how depressing life is and complaining and going through the motions which is very upsetting for me as a younger guy trying to work hard and get myself into higher places.
I do everything to keep my motivation high such as exercise daily and study my job and take certification test etc. but its hard sometimes to stay happy bc im surrounded by people who have already given up in life and settled for less and staying stagnant in life.
just to give you a example of what i deal with i turned 22 the other day and while i was at work one of the guys came by and commented "every birthday after 21 gets more depressing so get ready". and that really made me upset bc he is trying to shadow his feelings onto me when i feel great and im happy. it just really upset me.
If anyone has any advice for me to stay focused and not fall into a rut like my peers id love to hear it.
Thank you in advance for any help.
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2021.12.02 10:13 hellfuryyy Very cool that Ghost-Maker's kickass manga-inspired story got an annual sized conclusion. (Batman 2021 Annual #1)

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2021.12.02 10:13 RoyalIndependent2937 ProjectREX - long term community to create a living, hybrid Dinosaur!

Project Overview
Project REX - ASA 451401073
Project REX is the first community coin dedicated to creating a living, breathing dinosaur 🦖 🦕. This plan is the core outline of our future white paper.
Note - this replaces the now defunct Rex Coin due to incorrect LP setup on Tinyman! All 6 holders of the old Coin have/will receive matching value airdrops of REX.
Use Case:
We are partnering with Jack Horner (the paleontologist behind the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies), Yale University, and a stealth mode Biotech startup, in the quest to recreate a breathing 70 million year old genetic dinosaur hybrid specimen!! Jack is working to implant real fossil extracted dinosaur DNA into a chicken embryo, and then genetically engineer the dinosaur proteins to become dominant.
50% of the REX supply will be locked for donation (over time) to the Yale genetics research project. 30% of supply will be distributed to the community through various airdrops. 15% will be voted on by community governance for additional use (perhaps filming a documentary), and 5% will be kept by the creator.
Token holders will receive the following:
A) Access to behind the scenes videos and updates on the project.
B) Priority access to see the dinosaur live once it’s completed.
C) Potential governance or profit sharing of the revenue from documentaries, NFTs, etc.
This is still in the early stages, but we are looking for is volunteers to help setup the community, get initial airdrops going, and potentially work on smart contracts to lock liquidity and donations!
If you are interested, please reach out directly, join the subreddit and Discord and we will get you setup! Early volunteers will be rewarded with airdrops.
As an FYI - freeze and clawback are disabled. This is not a memecoin.
Subreddit: ProjectREX
White paper: coming soon
Website: coming soon
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2021.12.02 10:13 El_Zalo Mark McMorris riding Step Ons

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2021.12.02 10:13 PurpleQueenLily I see it on Ebay, do you think it's fake?

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2021.12.02 10:13 kfishing Looking for a dupe of this Jaquemus Lucciu top that is sold out in my size!

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2021.12.02 10:13 cnh02 Baby Shower this weekend and huge blowout with my mom because she didn’t get to “throw it the way she wanted”.

I’m so upset and stressed out by my own mother that I can’t even sleep. Literally from the moment I told her I was pregnant she named my baby (we don’t even know the sex), she demanded that she throw the baby shower and she told me she was quitting her job and moving in with us. All within hours of finding out I was pregnant!! I’m 31wks now, a FTM, her only daughter but this will be her 4th grandchild. Of course I immediately told her we will not find out the baby’s sex but to this day she calls my baby Olivia. Her friends got mad at her because they started buying girl stuff and then saw on my registry that we don’t know the gender. I told her she won’t be moving in with me but even this has taken her time to process. She has now stated she’ll be spending the first 2 weeks with me after baby is born which I did not ask for nor do I think it’s necessary when I have a husband who is more than willing to help me. I also don’t want to have to navigate dealing with her while learning to care for a newborn and enjoy these new precious moments with my husband. Also she is telling others that she’ll be there for the L&D but has not asked me if this is ok. It’s not ok for many reasons. She is anti-vax, anti mask, almost everyone she knows had Covid at one point which she uses as a reason as to why she can go out with them because they all have immunity. she just goes out everywhere recklessly. My husband works in a hospital and saw what Covid does first hand so we very much have opposite beliefs here. Her last demand, the baby shower… I told her she could throw it on the condition that I still have a say in it. I chose to have it 5 minutes from her house which is still 1.5hrs away from me. I knew if it was at her house, I’d be responsible for cleaning it before and after. I sent her 3 themes early on but she chose one and started buying stuff without talking to me about it. I let it go because I figured it was still one of my options. She pushed me to finish my registry by like 16wks and send out my invites that I bought and paid for. Over 60 invited and more than half were her friends. She wanted actual invites instead of mobile invites because her friends like receiving mail. Postage was not cheap and she said she would pay me back later since she’s “throwing” the party. Never happened. The weekend before thanksgiving we met up to go over what she had as far as decor and I gave her the things I bought which we discussed multiple times over the last few months. She had nothing completed from her list and even changed things without my knowledge. Because of these changes and her lack of ability to follow through, I recruited my best friend and sis in law to help me get tasks done. They have been wanting to help this whole time and even reached out to my mom but we’re ignored. Now she is pissed at me because I “changed everything”. She told me when someone says they are throwing you a party the other person doesn’t get to dictate the party and just needs to show up. That wasn’t what we agreed to. All this turned into a huge argument and I hung up on her because she not only upset me but refused to understand why I would want a say in my own baby shower. Everyone else is trying to tell me to relax and just enjoy this weekend and let others “shower me with love and their excitement for the baby”. I’m not relaxed or excited at all though. There’s just so much more that is triggering me here that I can’t even explain it all!! I want to just stay home and cry today but I have a job and have to work.
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2021.12.02 10:13 vegetabluessg Shanks vs Mihawk death battle, anything goes. Who do you think will win?

My bet is on Shanks Mid diff. I have seen a lot of guys here saying Mihawk is stronger or atleast equal to Shanks, if Mihawk is that strong why dint world government ask Mihawk to fight WhiteBeard along with admirals , they would a have had an easy time. Yonko are a level above Mihawk.
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2021.12.02 10:13 WhiteDoveBooks Outlaw – Free Kindle Book

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2021.12.02 10:13 threebats As we all guessed from day 1's reveal, it's looking to be a very space elf advent this year

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2021.12.02 10:13 Wide-Duty5257 Packed Keane out of my Hero pack. W Or L?

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2021.12.02 10:13 ChewyRib No abortion for you because my imaginary friend said so

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2021.12.02 10:13 Taikens3347 Fried Chicken with honey garlic sauce, jasmine rice, and asparagus

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2021.12.02 10:13 arch-sinner Alarms

Does anyone else think their phone is useless at waking them up? Alarms are horrible, they’re like lullabies it’s ridiculous.
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2021.12.02 10:13 Electrical_Guess9648 🐯 BABY TIGER COIN 🐯 100% Doxxed | Hilarious NFT Character Cards | Huge Marketing Team | Full Audit | Huge Telegram Growth | Amazing New

🐯 BABY TIGER COIN ($BTC/BNB) just launched and our community is organically growing super fast! Grab yourself a Natty Ice, unzip those jorts, and slick back that sweaty mullet because you’re in for one hell of a ride (mustaches sold separately).

Featuring a hilarious NFT collection and unique rewards for holding, the U.S. based Florida Man project is delivered by a team of 100% doxxed developers, and their full-time graphic artist is constantly adding new characters.

It's a great coin to you!

🐯 Submitted to TEN NEW LISTING SITES!! Super Stoked and Trashy Telegram Group. Healthy Chart with Ample LP and Solid Floors. 4 More Call Groups today. (2) TikTok influencers Paid. (4) Twitter Influencers Paid. (2) Full-time artists working round-the-clock. CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap Incoming. First Video AMA went great, another one coming Friday!

Some $BTC NFT Highlights:

🐯 Boxed sets of character cards, each of these dirtbags having different rarities, traits, and backstories.

Collecting an entire set unlocks crazy rewards, and certain Characters “link” together to release instant BNB prizes to the holder’s wallet.

Aside from the sets, we will also MintDrop super rare cards, which you can buy/sell/trade on marketplaces that we partner with.

🐯 NFT holders will be entered into our permanent weekly giveaway contests, where they will be broadcast on our livestream channel. Prizes range from BNB , $BTC , and real-life tangible goods.

NFT farming will commence in phase II, and will start developing our online game which willreward holders in $BTC in phase II.I

🎯 Tokenomics:

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

🔥 Burn : 20%

🔒Liquidity Locked 100%

✅ Tax : 7%

Come join our community on TG..

🌎 Telegram:

🔰 Pancake Swap :


🔰 Deeplock: Lock LP

Game Swap, Game Farm, Game Merch and many more coming in the project roadmap🚀

Good Luck!! 🌟
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2021.12.02 10:13 No-Book-6407 Kavita Mitra Ki Mout

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