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Oh look a new hololive NFT scam.

2022.01.29 00:56 VanillaTried Oh look a new hololive NFT scam.

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2022.01.29 00:56 JosieLotta [No Spoilers] I subscribed to watch the newest episode on vod before monday but it isnt there?

The title basically says it all i wanted to watch episode 12 on twitch but its not there? It says on the cr website that the episodes get uploaded on vod for subscribers immeadiatly?
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2022.01.29 00:56 cosmikangaroo I made this on a bidet.

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2022.01.29 00:56 moiststeriods Just got nexplanon removed

I just got my nexplanon removed today just want to know what everyone has dealt with once they got their removed.
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2022.01.29 00:56 Odd-Consequence1541 Trading a ride potion and a Turkey plush

Offer away
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2022.01.29 00:56 calgary-doll Too much time together?

So I've been seeing a guy and he said very clearly he wants to take things slow. He's worried about 'falling into the too much time together' trap and being 'codependent'. His words, not mine. So far we're together once a week, usually overnight. We do text everyday. I don't mind the current pace so far but I do kinda raise a brow at the idea it's bad to be spending more than that together. How do you get to know someone and develop a life together without spending plenty of time together? Is this a thing? I always thought taking it slow would be things like not intertwining our finances, or moving in together too fast, not putting a limit on how often we see each other?
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2022.01.29 00:56 Kharidotes The Seven Dwarves

(taken from this NPR article)

Disney is on the defensive after actor Peter Dinklage criticized its plans to release a live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
The studio announced in June 2021 that it had cast West Side Story breakout star Rachel Zegler as the titular character in a forthcoming remake of the 1937 film, which was Disney's first animated feature and a major box office success.
The live-action version will be directed by Marc Webb (best known for the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies) and feature Gal Gadot as the evil queen. Disney previously said that production would start in 2022.
Dinklage pushed back against the remake in an episode of the "WTF With Marc Maron" podcast that aired Monday.
The Emmy-winning Game of Thrones star, who has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia, said he was "taken aback" by the studio's celebration of casting a Latina lead even as it revisits a story with problematic representation of dwarfs.
note: my intention is to investigate the function of this character *-"the Dwarves"- to the fairy tale and determine whether or not dwarfism is an essential component to its characterization.*
it absolutely is not my intention to diminish concerns like those presented by Peter Dinklage, who absolutely should have had a seat at the table at Disney from day one of this remake. we all know representation matters; and the easy answer here is to make Hollywood more diverse and increase the access to stories featuring marginalized characters written/created by and for those in that same marginalized community.
okay, so... the Dwarves, right? I'd encourage you re-read 'Snow White' or 'Snow-drop', as she's called by the Grimms - I suggest this article.
Next, we need to review the development of the Animus in this fairy tale.
The Four Stages of the Animus in 'Snow White':
  1. King - the King is notably absent
  2. Huntsman - the Huntsman is mostly indifferent
  3. Dwarves - the Dwarves are differentiated
  4. Prince - the Prince is fully individualized
compare the Dwarves to the Huntsman: while the Huntsman may feel compelled to do no harm to Snow White, the Dwarves are compelled to help the poor girl
compare the Dwarves to the Prince: while both are decidedly good, the Dwarves are 'not quite grown-up', perhaps, compared to the Prince - i.e., the height of the Dwarves serves a symbolic function in the fairy tale
(in Disney's version of the story, each Dwarf is given a name to further differentiate; and the name of each describes it's temperament)
with that in mind...
leave a comment - I'd like to know your thoughts!
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2022.01.29 00:56 idot_exe Chance me for Umich RD (deferral)

So yeah I was deferred from umich EA :/ Chance me for RD🙂 Gender: F White Residency: In-State Applying to: College of Engineering GPA: 3.97/4.0 (W) 5 APs 6 (+ish) honors courses Dual enrollment courses (3 classes) Founder of coding club, apart of robotics club, did soccer for 2 years
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2022.01.29 00:56 GodofWar_1 [16M] hey would you like to be friends?

Hi, I’m looking for someone available to invest in a long term friendship. Someone to text with everyday, and call too some time. It is one of my core values in a friendship to work things out.
That being said if you wonder, my interests are reading, my favorite book is game of thrones; listening to music; genres that go from classical to classic rocks to pop, playing video games; Minecraft, EU4, and CK2 on pc. I also speak three languages, and have some lovely pets.
I’m not looking to talk to anyone in particular, other than what I just said, I want someone as friendly as I strive to be.
I’m an open person, and a fast replier, so dm me. Thank you, and hope to see you there
In another life, I will make you stay.
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2022.01.29 00:56 BurningIceberg É possível usar comprovante de residência no nome dos pais ao abrir conta no exterior?

Olá a todos, depois de algum tempo eu finalmente criei coragem pra ir me "aventurar" no maravilhoso mundo dos ETF irlandeses através da IBRK, porém, ouvi dizer que para criar uma conta, é necessário de um comprovante de residência no seu nome.
Bom, sou maior de idade e tudo mais, mas eu ainda moro com os meus pais (todo dia agradeço por não perder um pedaço do rim todo mês pra aluguel) e as contas de casa estão no nome deles. Creio que não seja um problema pois o nome deles também estão nos meus documentos, mas como eu não sei como funciona a burocracia com isso, tem problema enviar o comprovante de residência no nome do meu pai para abrir a conta na corretora?
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2022.01.29 00:56 TheEggman864 I heard about that Pittsburg Bridge Collapse

I misread the headline of an article and misread it as “no injuries… minor fatalities” and have been thinking about the implications of that version of the headline
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2022.01.29 00:56 provisionspotted Peter North Picks Up a Blond Beach Bimbo

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2022.01.29 00:56 noxxisgaming Kleavor Almost Wiped My Team! Intense First Boss Fight | Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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2022.01.29 00:56 Abraham_Jacob7 Pregunten

Hola, cómo están?, Solo queria hacerles un preguntas y respuestas.
Yo veo cosas, asĂ­ sea de espĂ­ritus, demonios, y cosas asĂ­, pregunten lo que sea yo respondo.
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2022.01.29 00:56 Admirable_Elk_965 Can't install HEN on my Fat PS3

This is the exact same file that I used to mod my Super Slim PS3, except all I did was delete the file on my USB and replaced it with the original file on my computers hard drive. But when I try to install it, my PS3 says it's at the latest version and it doesn't need to be updated. It also asks me to accept to Sony's terms of conditions. Is it because there's more stuff on my flash drive?
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2022.01.29 00:56 TheTinyBastion H: a collectors Ext50b90 Minigun W: like 2k caps?

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2022.01.29 00:56 ChemPaul 2011 Mazda 6 - Accelerator squeal? chirp?

I have a 2011 Mazda 6 and I've noticed a sound that I'm not sure how to describe. Squeal seems like it implies too loud of a sound. Chirp seems like it would be too short. It's kind of a quiet sound that I haven't been able to record because it's not loud enough for my phone to pickup in comparison to the traffic and other road sounds. If I have the radio on or am listening to a podcast or taking a phone call, I can't really hear the sound. The sound is almost like a cricket that has a very long chirp if that makes sense. Initially I thought that it was coming from the steering wheel when it was held in a certain position. After monitoring this, though, I've realized that it is actually dependent upon the position of the accelerator pedal, usually around something like 25% of the way depressed. It sounds kind of like it's coming from the general area of the driver's seat, whether it's the steering wheel area or the gas pedal or under the hood or something in that general area. Perhaps related, perhaps irrelevant, the traction control system light and check engine light came on yesterday while the car was making this noise and it entered limp mode. After scanning, the car indicated a P061B code. The closest garage replaced the mass airflow sensor. I thought maybe this would also take care of this random sound, but maybe it was unrelated as the sound has continued since then. Any ideas as to what this might be or if I should be expecting the P061B code to come back again?
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2022.01.29 00:56 SentinelSeptim My insane luck WONT STOP!! Jolteon PC Box Pulls!!

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2022.01.29 00:56 Bruce-Leeonidas Best Bleed Bow build?

Hey guys I just watched this breakdown from Tarke ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7v3HAWrJUM ) about the buffs to bleed bow builds this league. I've played Bleed Bow Glad in the past and found it a very smooth league starter. Its thickish, got great clear and once you get an assailum the single target is usually decent. In Tarke's vid he talks about the deadeye version of it utilizing rupture. The deadeye version might have much better single target but it would not be as thick or have as good clear as the glad. I was wondering if anyone has played it and could list its pro's and cons of it vs the bleed bow glad as a league starter. Some testimony would go a long way as Tarke said he hasnt played the deadeye version but is leaning towards that way for the single target damage. Cheers
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2022.01.29 00:56 chinstock911 Can someone explain why I can't donate ?

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2022.01.29 00:56 Spikeyboy428 How do I tell my friend I don't want to move in anymore?

A few friends and I made plans about 4 months ago to move in together as we all desperately want to move out of our parents'. My one friend (lets call her Marie) has been going to school to get her real estate license and wants to use the money from selling her first house for her end of the bills, but has no current income. My other friend (lets call her Bre) doesnt have the best money management skills and low income. I personally think Marie's plan is plausible but not realistic for the time frame we want to move out (around tax return season). I wanna say the plan started in October, and as of right now Im the only one who has any money saved up. Im not feeling very hopeful about these plans due to their financial status and dont know how to communicate that with my friends. Im not overthinking the situation am I?
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2022.01.29 00:56 Lonely_Ranger19 The first half of regeneration looks a like a child forming in the womb then the child being born in the second.

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2022.01.29 00:56 theturtlingturtle I'm a bit late to the HHP party but damn am I loving it!!!

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2022.01.29 00:56 steponmekitana Stantler not learning psyshield bash?

I’ve leveled up 2 stantler to level 21 where they’re supposed to learn psyshield bash but they haven’t, am I doing something wrong?
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2022.01.29 00:56 ZoeiraMaster Minecraft got OptiFine, Team fortress got masterconfig, does ark have any mods or custom configs that help optimize the game?

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