What dessert should I bake with a bunch of bananas?

2022.01.29 01:48 tokingteacher What dessert should I bake with a bunch of bananas?

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2022.01.29 01:48 thisaintmynameman [23M] Rate my Tinder

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2022.01.29 01:48 lovelybirdlady So happy that the nightmare with the legal stuff is finally over today!

Today was the biggest day for me that I finally am done with the lawyer stuff that was caused the bad nightmare from my nex fiance. He did put me through the difficult time of a year and four months that were related to the ridiculous prenuptial agreement. He tried to make me to lose everything included my financials and screw my life, he didn't want to see me to be happy at all. He thinks that he deserve it better and would find the best woman and also have a lot of support. Ironically, turn the tables on him. Never forget how he tried to contact me few times last year and I ignored and promised myself that I had no contact with him for my mental health. It was very hard to see his threatening texts during Christmas , and I didn't let that spoil my time in Christmas. So glad that I did the right thing to take the screenshots of his texts and forwarded to my lawyer then she did forward it to my nex's lawyer. They were shocked about that. Two weeks ago, My lawyer asked me why I wasn't honest in the beginning of the first meeting in late 2020 and I explained how my nex fiance wasn't a wonderful man, he was abusing me verbally, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically sometimes. I was so scared and didn't know how to ask for help. She said if you told me that in the beginning and I will help you to fight. But most importantly, you are safe and wouldn't have to worry about him. As you signed on the final separation agreement that was included make him to not to contact the immediate people. If that he would break the agreement, so I would have to take him to the small case courts and sue him. That made me soo relieved as I don't have to watch over my shoulder anymore. I know he was so angry that I didn't give in and let him get his way. My lawyer was so understanding and actually gave me the huge discount of legal fees. Couldn't believe that and I got very emotional and cried in the front of her. She said I deserve way better and you are beautiful and young lady that will find the better man in life. Even gave me few good places where I can volunteer to help the women who got through domestic violence relationship. Felt so good as I am free as a bird and going to celebrate to start the new chapter of life. As I closed that very bad chapter with my nex fiance in life. Now can start to feel like I am new person , kinda felt so strange that I looked back to my old me that got through the horrible time with him. That old me didn't exist anymore, same as I don't know my nex fiance as well. Now I can celebrate with my friends!! 💕
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2022.01.29 01:48 HeatAndHonor This is the first I've read about Michael Beltre. Switch hitting outfielder (better as lefty) with a ton of speed and growing power. Looks like an interesting player to follow.

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2022.01.29 01:48 Sciencenium JFK giving his iconic "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" speech.

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2022.01.29 01:48 MikeyMinecraft Is this the right place to post this?

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2022.01.29 01:48 sdf_cardinal Has anyone used Kingsford pellets?

I’ve only used Weber pellets so far, but the local hardware store has Kingsford pellets and is a few blocks from home (I’m thinking about picking some up instead of driving all the way to Lowe’s).
Has anyone used Kingsford?
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2022.01.29 01:48 AndrewIsOnline If we put tiny LED laser pointers on everyone’s nipples who would have better score and accuracy at aiming them at targets, men or women?

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2022.01.29 01:48 Krayt_Dragon RIP Michel Ney "The bravest of the brave"

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2022.01.29 01:48 Dock441Emard Good old-fashioned misogyny in the name of god

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2022.01.29 01:48 Visible-Doughnut-782 If you are going to get your partner to sign a prenup why get married at all?

In an age where cohabitation and children out of wedlock is no longer taboo there are two main reasons why marriage still exists in the modern western world.
1: Romance.
In this day and age marriage is a pretty illogical prospect but people in love do not think rationally and most people getting married go into it with the genuine but statistically unlikely hope that they will be with this person for the rest of their lives. There is just nothing more romantic then marking this bond in the eyes of God, the universe, friends and family, whatever and whoever is meaningful to you both.
2: It’s a contract that basically states you will commit to each other financially so you are bound and protected in a way that is most conducive to raising a family together.
There are of course other specific benefits and nuances as to why people still get married but broadly speaking these are the two main reasons. However getting a Prenup seems to negate both them.
1: A prenup entirely removes all romantic notions connected to marriage. You are basically entering into marriage declaring you believe it is eventually going to fail and when it does your gold digging partner is bound to divorce rape you. If you don’t believe marriage is linked to “everlasting love” than why are you getting married in the first place?
2: You are removing the practical benefits and security of marriage by creating a contract that negates another contract. If you don’t believe in the core legal principles of marriage why are you getting married in the first place?
Don’t get me wrong here. This is not a sanctimonious post about the moral evils of prenups. Far from it. Given most marriages fail statistically and the horror stories about how one side can be completely financially decimated by the after a bad divorce I absolutely understand why people want to protect themselves should things go south.
However if you are so(understandably) worried about losing the game why are you playing it in the first place? By all means have a committed relationship with somebody but why are you getting married in the first place if you don’t actually believe in the traditions of marriage? What are you( if you insist on your partner signing a pre-nup) getting out of an marriage either conceptually or practically?
Maybe I’m wrong here but I can only conclude that people that insist on prenups are only after the peacocking of a big wedding and the persisting social cache that comes with being able to say you are married. Is this worth it though when you can just remain unmarried?
I would be particularly interested to hear from those married folks with prenups as to why they got married in the first place? What’s the point?
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2022.01.29 01:48 Madamyoda Denied Admissions

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have been denied from nearly all the schools I have applied too (Purdue, UW Madison, University of Georgia). I only have Georgia tech left, which I will find out tomorrow. I have a 1370 SAT and a 4.3 weighted gpa. I am a Eagle Scout, part of three sports teams, two honor societies, a freshwater research internship, marching band, and a student leadership group. I have also taken/taking a total of 10 AP classes. Writing has always been a weaker point of mine but I thought my essays went pretty well. I was wondering what I should try to do differently to possibly improve my chances at getting accepted since I will likely need to apply to more schools? I was also wondering, are my stats a little too low for these calibers of schools. Thanks.
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2022.01.29 01:48 Gamecrashes8 Scar fanart!

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2022.01.29 01:48 Tromantis iddqd - Triple tap headshot

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2022.01.29 01:48 Execell_is_here Double yakuman~

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2022.01.29 01:48 indycarpenter Union Carpenter Indianapolis pay per hour

$32.83 check + $22.38 benefits / $55.21 total package
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2022.01.29 01:48 ConnorFindley1 No sound on Windows is working once I open GTA V

I was permanently banned from techsupport
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2022.01.29 01:48 HungryBroom01 I’m sorry, dad.

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2022.01.29 01:48 JadeAnnByrne OneDrive fish 🐠 🐟

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2022.01.29 01:48 phenomduck Fan Theory - Oath and ScaryD no longer on same team?

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2022.01.29 01:48 Matanui3 There are still sound bugs.

All of the previous sound bugs seem to have been fixed, which is great, but now I'm getting a constant sound of rushing wind or water in the SFX channel while playing PoC.
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2022.01.29 01:48 push_karrr Oscar worthy performance by Primoz Roglic and TJV here, the self depreciating humour is brilliant. Also, if in doubt? Ask Wout.

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2022.01.29 01:48 zergling3161 White phosphorus after over

Okay I've had this happen before to me but eventually there was a update and it fixed itself. It's going on a few months now where I can't play ground war because once a phosphorus gets dropped the fog effect never goes away. I'm starting to use the heat scopes just to deal with the effect.
Does anyone know how to maybe fix this? I've even done a full reinstall
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2022.01.29 01:48 Lost_in_my_dream glitch reporting

How do you report glitches in the game? i got a few clips on my xbox of a few and i would like to send it to them so it can be dealt with eventually but have no clue how to do it
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2022.01.29 01:48 jaelstrauss33 diabetes type 2 symptomen

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